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Thanks Again, Priest Holmes

It's a sad day, folks: It looks like Priest Holmes is going to retire. Obviously, the brief snapshots of Priest Holmes we've seen this season haven't even remotely resembled the Priest Holmes fantasy wunderkind we once knew, but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy them immensely. It was just nice to see him again.

Holmes' comeback didn't amount to much, not for us anyway, but it wasn't really for us: It was for Priest. In this way, he got his One Last Game. It's difficult not to admire that. For one more time, he was allowed to run out and start as an NFL running back. Few people have the opportunity once, and hardly ever twice. More power to him; it sure beats showing up on Pros vs. Joes, which he'll surely be doing next year.


Priest Holmes Got His One More Game [Dave's Football Blog]

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