We salute the Golden State Warriors for the ride they've taken us on, but after last night's once-again-convincing 100-87 Jazz victory, they're the first team to be eliminated from the conference semifinals. And the Warriors fans are rather Zen about the whole thing.

This is just the beginning. The team was never supposed to make it this far. Heck, we barely made the playoffs. But there's a lot to build on from this final run. We know what this team can do when healthy and you can be sure we'll get some more firepower in the offseason. The core is back for next year so expect more of the same run and gun style. I'm sure Nellie will make some adjustments in his game plans, you'll see the growth of Biedrins and Monta, and Jackson and Harrington will have a full camp to practice under Nellie. So when I say this is just the beginning. You can count on it. We only go up from here.

We're not inherently sure about that โ€” the postseason did have a lightning-in-a-bottle in a feel to it โ€” but no matter: It was a grand run. And now the Utah Jazz are in the conference finals. Tracy McGrady is currently banging his head against a wall.

Jazz 100, Warriors 87 [Golden State Of Mind]

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