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That Confused Guy You See, That's Matt Doherty

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Anybody wondering what former North Carolina men's basketball coach Matt Doherty has been up to? Anyone? Well, you might know he's coaching at SMU (and apparently already dealing with some NCAA violations). But did you know he was also embracing "new" "technology?"

Yes, Doherty, while recruiting, is writing a blog for CSTV about the experience. Come with us, as we relive Doherty's riveting account of, uh, trying to find his rental car in a parking lot.

Here are a couple of rookie mistakes to make note of:
1. A rookie will "go" panic button instead of "door open" button. Panic button is a dead give away! You bring too much attention to yourself.
2. Rookies walk in a straight line. You need to walk in wide, soft circles....even stop and pivot at times as you "faux call". This way you never look like you walked right passed your car.

Great tip for new assistants: try to park next to a pole.


We actually applaud Doherty's willingness to poke fun of himself by handing us the image of him walking aimlessly around a random high school parking lot, searching for his car. Though we bet there are some old North Carolina fans who probably find the notion all too familiar.

is Matt Doherty's Blog [SMU Mustangs]

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