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That Highly Successful Buzzsaw

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We always get a kick out of these occasional "Best Sports Franchises" studies. ESPN does them, The Sporting News has some, we think even MTV did them once. We like them because they inevitably have our Buzzsaw near the bottom of the list. Sometimes even at the very bottom.

The newest one is from The Turnkey Team Brand Index, whatever that is, and they rate how teams do locally rather than nationally. You have to buy the book to find out the final results — not bloody likely — but Sports Business Journal has the rundown. No. 1 are the Pittsburgh Steelers, followed by the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Boston Red Sox, Buffalo Sabres, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Red Wings, New Orleans Saints and the St. Louis Cardinals. The bottom five: Washington Capitals, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Sonics, Atlanta Hawks and, in last place, our Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. Yep: They finished behind a team that's begging to leave. Nice.

How Teams Rank In The Turnkey Team Brand Index [Sports Business Journal]

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