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It was just so thoroughly disappointing. I won't believe that the hype was unwarranted; it absolutely was. All the ingredients were there for a fantastic evening of basketball, but it never happened. It was never what it should have been. I feel like I just watched The Godfather III.

Georgetown/Ohio State featured a combined 44 minutes from Greg Oden and Roy Hibbert, as well as the "No Thanks, You Keep The Basketball" Show from Jeff Green. Hibbert and Oden both had their moments, but rarely did they come against one another, and in no way was it a memorable battle. It was an odd game without much flow, with Mike Conley Jr. establishing himself as the most important player on the floor. Nice for Ohio State fans, I suppose, but no one else.


And Florida/UCLA was just an ass-beating. UCLA was pretty clearly outmanned, something they seemed to realize very early in the game. It just didn't seem like they had the same passion and scrap they had against Kansas. Anyway, the game was decided very early. Deliverance was on AMC after the game, and it was no less depressing.

And the worst thing about it is that we've got a rematch of the college football championship game, something I just can't believe God would let happen. It should be a fine game with plenty of talent and characters, but whatever happened to spreading the wealth? Karma is off its game. If the meek want to inherit anything, they're going to have to recruit better.

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