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That Wasn't Supposed To Happen Was It?

Let me double check this ... yes, the Orlando Magic did beat Cleveland last night in Game One of the conference finals. That was certainly unexpected.

The Cavaliers had been sitting for eight days after sweeping the first two rounds, but that didn't seem to matter when they rolled out to a 15-point lead in the first half. Then the second half happened, and somehow when the final buzzer sounded LeBron and company were not ahead on the scoreboard. What the....?

Well, for starters, Rashard Lewis made his three pointers and then Dwight Howard started breaking things, while everyone else on the home team not named James did not. LeBron had 49, which sounds really good, but down one with 10 seconds to go, he gave up the ball and didn't get it back. Then he limped off the court, defeated, and that's why he's not Michael Jordan yet. Cleveland only lost two games at home all year, but now the home court advantage belongs the Magic and everyone should panic right now! They might actually have to do some work to win this thing.

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