You know, it's funny: The Dallas Cowboys' season appears to be disintegrating, and even though Terrell Owens had to go so far as to try to kill himself to derail the team, he seems to be the least of their problems.

Bill Parcells is having a hard time with this whole business.

I'm ashamed to put a team out there that played like that. I apologize to the people who came out to watch that."

Considering this was the "win-it-all" season for Parcells and the Cowboys, we legitimately wonder if this might be the last time we ever see Parcells coach. This can't be much fun, and he has already sullied whatever "legacy" he had โ€” that legacy being man boobs, Gatorade baths and Lawrence Taylor โ€” and they're obviously not going to win the Super Bowl. It's really the perfect scenario for those who hate the Cowboys; they're imploding, they have no real plan and they're this close to blowing it all up and starting over. Hell, Redskins fans could rejoice ... if they didn't have plenty of problems of their own.

But yeah: Terrell Owens didn't need to destroy this team; they're doing just fine on their own.

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