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Far be it from us to tell collectors what is valuable and what isn't โ€” we wouldn't trade our Willie McGee 1987 Topps card for the Shroud of Turin โ€” but we have to say, we're pretty surprised by one of the top items on right now.

In an auction ending at midnight tonight, you can buy an actual game-worn sock, sweated in and God-knows-what-else by former Red Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera. It has also been autographed, which brings up the obvious question: How does one autograph a sock?


The starting bid was $195, and one bidder, "18judd," has stepped up and bid. Just 10 hours left, though. Get your bids in fast and furious.

Orlando Cabrera Autographed 2004 World Series Worn Sock [MLB Auctions]