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That's A Working Microphone, Derrick Rose

"We don't look at Derrick as a freshman," said Memphis's Joey Dorsey of Derrick Rose, who scored 25 points in that win over UCLA. And for some reason, a reporter asking Dorsey what they think of Rose as a freshman playing well, prompted Rose — standing two seats over — to lay out a little hot-mic expletive.

Now one has to wonder what Rose was afraid his teammate was going to say about him. "What do we think of him? I mean, once you get past the premature ejaculating and toenail eating, he's a pretty nice kid who can make things happen on the court. It's a good thing too, we almost forgot his Cabbage Patch Kid doll on the trip. That really would have put us at a disadvantage tonight."

Derrick Rose Does His Best Clay Davis Impression [The Sporting News]

(Aside: Snipped from this 30 seconds of press conference goodness was John Calipari using my favorite noncommittal phrase. "There ya go." It can basically get one out of any situation without breaking a promise, lying, or letting someone down. "Hey, maybe we could go to my sister's volleyball game after dinner." It's almost instinctual, the reaction. But in this case it's the cynic's catch-all safety valve. Just a remarkable phrase all around.)


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