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That's Just Naaasty

Yep, you can really buy Alex Rodriguez's nut huggers on eBay. Maybe Bobby Bowden was right about this whole operation.

AROD wore these undershorts in official MLB games during the 2005 season, and they definitely look used and smell like it too!!
These undershorts are referred to as Sliding Shorts by Arod, but they look like Nike dryfit boxer briefs to me. Arod's worn underwear!!
They have all the proper tagging on the inside and also have the Elite hologram near the inside of the waistband.
Incredible find as Arod game used equipment is incredibly tough to get ahold of, let alone a pair of his worn undershorts.
Arod also signed the shorts perfectly on the front in bold blue sharpie, and added the inscription 2005 Game Used under his signature.


Ten bucks says Hideki Matsui is the leading bidder.

I'm going to go dry-heave for a while.

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