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That's One Way To Protest A Call

We guarantee that this Georgia high school catcher is not the first person to realize that he can duck out of the way of a pitch and nail the umpire, but he's the first we've ever seen actually try it.

We don't see how any reasonable person could not see it as obviously intentional, but they've gotta investigate anyway.

"It looks bad, and most people who look at it come away with that conclusion," [school principal David] Friend said. "But there have been wacky things that have happened in baseball and high schools, and all I'm going to conclude is that it does need to be investigated. If we're found to be at fault, we'll effectively deal with the situation."

Friend said he had interviewed his baseball coaches today and concluded they were not to blame. Friend said he had not finished talking to the players.


The catcher and pitcher say it was a sign mixup. The only way that was a sign mixup is if the catcher had given the sign to "remain standing and catch the ball."

Best thing about this: There was a runner on second, who advanced.

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