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Hey, it’s finally baseball season! Pitchers pitchin’! Catchers catchin’! Bats crackin’! Batters scratchin’! Now I know every loves a little taste of summer training, but now they start playing games that count! [Mel Allen voice] How about that?

So in honor of baseball’s glorious return next week, I think it’s time we say a bunch hateful, ignorant crap about every team in this year’s playoff field, which includes … the Yankees and Red Sox? AGAIN?! Oh god fucking dammit. Go away, you two.


Yes, it’s your Hater’s Guide to the playoffs, and that is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But wait! There’s somehow even more. The esteemed Lindsey Adler—whose San Francisco Giants did not make the playoffs this year because they were terrible—joins me to talk about the NFL, wedding music, and we answer YOUR questions about microwave times, high school mascots, and other crap.

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