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Ladies of Pittsburgh—if you're looking for a new doctor to take care of your unmentionable parts, may I suggest not choosing the crazy Steelers fan who made a $69 bid on "The Price Is Right."

I think this video combines everything that is wrong with America into one crazy stew that somehow comes out tasting delicious. Let's review all that is going on here. The guy's name is Dr. Bummer. He's a gynecologist. He has a Steelers jersey that he personalized with his own name in the cheapest DIY way imaginable. He chose to wear said jersey on national television. He miraculously gets chosen to come on down and then decides to bid "69 dollars" in the opening game. And as the ultimate icing on the cake, he wins. The only thing that could have made it better is if he had performed an ultrasound on the pregnant "Barker's Beauty." (I still call them that.)

This is not a great advertisement for the state of Pennsylvania, the Steelers organization, or the field of gynecology, but it is pretty amusing. Unfortunately, I think his malpractice insurance premiums are about to go through the roof.


DR. Bummer a Gynecologist from Pittsburgh bids $69 on THE PRICE IS RIGHT! [YouTube]
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