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The AFC Wildcard Picture

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Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, San Diego and Kansas City are all still slugging it out for the two wildcart spots in the AFC. Only two of them are going to make it, which is kind of a shame since each of them, with the possible exception of Jacksonville, are probably better than all but one team in the NFC.

Actually, the only ones doing much slugging right now are the Chiefs and the Steelers, as the Jags are losing to the Texans at the half, and San Diego is laying down like they're on a cruise with Fred Smoot.


Kansas City leads 20-7, and it's not as close as the score would indicate. The Chiefs are running the ball better, they're stopping San Diego's run, and San Diego is making a ton of dumb mistakes. It may be the worst game they've played all year.

KC is leading 20-7 at the half. Houston leads 13-10, also at the half. Pittsburgh has pretty much already won.

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