MLB and Fox came under fire for not mentioning Tony Gwynn during the all-star game broadcast, and responded with a joint statement explaining that by singling out one recently passed ballplayer for recognition, it could be a slight to others. Well, here's the perfect solution.

Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball created this, an "in memoriam" reel paying tribute baseball figures who died between last year's all-star game and this one's. Considering that it's basically the most anticipated part of the Oscars, it's a wonder MLB hasn't been doing this for a long time. (Though I guess it's hard to blame them, since no one complained until the especially beloved Gwynn went unmentioned.)

It's satisfying to remember and to cheer for the obvious namesā€”the Gwynns, the Kiners, the Zimmers. But the lesser-known figures are just as key. If this had aired on Tuesday night, somewhere in America a kid would have asked their mom or dad, "who's Paul Blair" or "who's Connie Marrero?" And that discussion about the game's past would have been very good for its future.