The All-Star Game "In Memoriam" Montage We Should Have Gotten

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MLB and Fox came under fire for not mentioning Tony Gwynn during the all-star game broadcast, and responded with a joint statement explaining that by singling out one recently passed ballplayer for recognition, it could be a slight to others. Well, here's the perfect solution.

Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball created this, an "in memoriam" reel paying tribute baseball figures who died between last year's all-star game and this one's. Considering that it's basically the most anticipated part of the Oscars, it's a wonder MLB hasn't been doing this for a long time. (Though I guess it's hard to blame them, since no one complained until the especially beloved Gwynn went unmentioned.)


It's satisfying to remember and to cheer for the obvious names—the Gwynns, the Kiners, the Zimmers. But the lesser-known figures are just as key. If this had aired on Tuesday night, somewhere in America a kid would have asked their mom or dad, "who's Paul Blair" or "who's Connie Marrero?" And that discussion about the game's past would have been very good for its future.