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Since Jeremy Lin has been shoehorned into the rookie/soph game, there's really no need for him in the Shooting Stars contest. But then, there's really no need for the Shooting Stars contest. You know the one: teams consisting of an NBA player, NBA "legend", and WNBA player take shots from different points on the court, and you don't watch it because it's always the first event of the broadcast and you don't tune in in time.


Here are 11 more reasons not to watch it: the rosters were just announced by the NBA.

New York: Landry Fields, Cappie Pondexter, Allan Houston
Orlando: Jameer Nelson, Marie Ferdinand-Harris, Dennis Scott
Atlanta: Joe Johnson, Lindsey Harding, Steve Smith
Texas: Chandler Parsons, Sophia Young, Kenny Smith


I say 11 instead of 12 because I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing Kenny Smith, who will probably be mic'ed up. But beyond that? Soul-killing. I've honestly never heard of three of these WNBA players. "Team Texas" exists because Houston lost its WNBA franchise. (Young plays for San Antonio.) Houston, Scott and Steve Smith were chosen for their shooting, not because they're names anybody wants to see.

You know what? I take it back. The rosters aren't the problem. I wouldn't watch this thing if Jeremy Lin or Candace Parker or Shaq were playing. The whole event is dumb and boring and you shouldn't buy Haier products.

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