Now that the winter meetings are over, Phil Roth has updated his excellent interactive payroll tool, which lets you explore the salary commitments of every MLB team from 1998 through 2024. That purple block you see above is $240 million worth of Robinson Cano, yours for just 10 flat payments of $24 million.

There's a ton to play around with in here, but it's interesting to see which teams are sitting on spendable dollars, based on their 2013 commitments. The Orioles, Pirates, and Braves—all contenders last season—have a lot of flexibility for 2014, but so far none has made a major move (Ryan Webb, Edinson Volquez, and Gavin Floyd do not count as major moves). Meanwhile, the number of available free agents dwindles.

MLB Past and Future Payrolls [MrPhilRoth]