The Angels Game Was Delayed By Bees

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First pitch of the Orioles-Angels game last night was briefly delayed when a swarm of bees descended on a camera behind home plate. This screengrab, from Fox Sports West's Jose Mota, is just messing with perspective—they're not actually 15-foot bees. We think. We pray. Has anyone heard from anybody in Anaheim yet today? Oh god.

Luckily, they chose a robotic camera, possibly to assimilate its circuitry and form some sort of unstoppable cyborg bee horde that can shoot laser stingers and secrete electrified nectar for a moat to surround their impregnable bee fortress. (Screengrab via @MLBdreampics.)


The Angel Stadium crew found, I don't know, a bee guy to come clean up the mess so the game could get underway. But the bees left a little too easily. It's clear now they're just testing us for weaknesses. But really, our stubborn individualism, and our fear of painful, venomous death, those are the only weaknesses the bees will need to exploit when B-Day arrives.