The Audacity Of Hope

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Got an image you'd like to see in here first thing in the morning? Send it to Subject: Morning crap With the economy in a tailspin and Congress ignoring the auto industry's bailout pleas, it seems only fitting that this is the year that the Lions make their most serious push toward NFL history. But are they bad enough to attain the league record for losses? Do Lions fans dare to dream that big? Yes they do.Is Detroit the worst team ever? Florida residents who were around in the mid-1970s say no way. Meet the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Game 10 vs. the Jets: Lou Holtz's team is 2-7 but still manages to humiliate the Bucs. It is New York's first shutout since the Jets played at the Polo Grounds in 1963. "If this keeps up, I'm going to have to buy all of them beards and dark glasses so nobody will recognize them," McKay says. Bucs lose 34-0. Game 14 vs. the Patriots: The season ends with New England calling timeout with six seconds remaining so Steve Grogan can take it in from the 1 to set an NFL record for rushing TDs for a quarterback. Making things just a little worse, the Patriots let linebacker Steve Zabel kick the extra point. The Bucs lose 31-14 and make history. They are 0-14.

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