The Austrian soccer team is hosting the Euro 2008 tournament, which gives them a bid in the tournament. The problem is that Austria has lost eight consecutive matches and is pretty much gonna get destroyed. (And by "destroyed," we mean "lose 1-0.") It's inspiring some fans to beg the team to give up.

A petition has circulated among Austrians to drop out of the tournament.

It cannot be denied: the performance of the Austrian team is an insult to your sense of aesthetics as well as to what you expect from this sport. Their participating in the EURO 2008 is to you a contradiction in itself. We understand.

Austria was once a country with a keen sense for aesthetics. „...a people gifted for beauty", as a verse of our national anthem states - an anthem our players barely manage to stammer along to, as they palefacedly contemplate yet another grueling encounter with the ball and the opponent.

This strikes to the heart of one of the basic questions of being a sports fan: Would you rather watch your team lose, or not watch them at all? If the Cubs happen to choke this lead away this week, we might have an answer to that question.

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