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Who among the chosen shall die? Will it be David Hirshey? Tommy Craggs? Half the's editorial staff? Stay tuned for the obits on Monday.

Actually, it'll be relatively tame. Just the usual tomfoolery and boobs and steaks and all that stuff because, as most of you who've read Deadspin from the beginning know, Will is the consummate gentleman. Me too.


Plus, Will's father will be participating in all events and we don't want to soil his puritanical Midwestern mores. And you should totally follow Will's Dad on Twitter so it'll encourage him to be more active on it.

Two things of note: The nice people at the Andaz Hotel on Wall Street have very nice rooms with see-through bathroom walls.


And one of these nice ladies from Rick's Cabaret has a message for our bachelor:

Dear Will,
Are you really getting married to someone else after all those
promises you made to me? Don't worry, I'll get over it.
There's no better club than Rick's Cabaret for your bachelor
party. My girlfriends and I will show you a great time—one that you
will never forget.


Thanks for your continued support of Skippy and Goatface's Morning Sports Holocaust. Someone will be around tomorrow. Maybe. Barry's here on Sunday.

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