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The Ballad Of Po-Jung Wang, Bat-Flipping Maniac

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Po-Jung Wang is a rookie in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, currently playing for the Lamigo Monkeys and hitting .398. He hit a nice big dinger on Sunday and unleashed a mighty bat flip off towards his dugout. The bat flip has been drained of most of its subversive qualities (the official MLB Twitter account broadcasts them after all), but man, Wang has made a habit out of bombastically hurling his bat towards the Sky Gods after mashing a dinger.

A helpful Reddit user compiled a list of his best bat flips, including a high arching against the Canadian national team.

He also sent one to the moon in his first postseason appearance late last year.

Dude even hit a flip and a glacial home run trot for an eventual flyout.

Wang is only 22, so there’s a chance he could take his talents Eastward across the Pacific Ocean to the MLB. If he does, I say let the man flip.


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