The BCS Standings Are Out

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Despite Oregon being No. 2 in both the Harris and Coaches Polls (and the AP poll), the computers give the slimmest of edges to Florida State. That puts the Seminoles in pole position for the BCS Championship, but winning out probably won't be enough.


Oregon has No. 12 UCLA next week, and after a bye, No. 6 Stanford. FSU's only ranked opponent left on the slate is No. 7 Miami on Nov. 3. If both teams win out over the next three weeks, strength-of-schedule would likely bump the Ducks to No. 2. And if either takes a loss, strength-of-schedule won't matter much.

The full standings can be viewed and sorted here. Enjoy it; it's our last chance to argue about the BCS Standings. This time next year we'll be arguing about something else.