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The Beautiful Game in La Liga

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Anybody out there in the land of the readership with a subscription to Gol TV should turn to that channel right this minute! Barcelona was leading Athletic Bilbao 2-0 when they were looking for a third. Henry has hit the post three times already while Messi and Ronaldinho have been providing magic. Out of nowhere Bilbao banged in a goal and the game was on in full force. Barca just came back with a highly controversial goal that appeared that appeared to be kept out by the crossbar. It's 3-1 but there is still plenty of time left and they're playing beautifully.
Updates galore after the jump! Follow me down this rabbit hole...there are drugs!


Update: Barcelona's Marquez (the best player from North America) was just ushered off with a red card. Barca's one man down and there's still time for a comeback.

Update 2: Well it was exciting but alas, the comeback was not meant to be...but stay tuned for Real Madrid at Villareal. As if there's anything else to watch. Jesus people, maybe you should just go outside for a while. I can see the sun and the trees through my window and it looks pretty fucking grand. Happy Labor Day weekend bastards.


Update 3: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Weekend Daddy's just got a bit of cabin fever, he's not going to hit you...except for the gingers and/or daywalkers.

Update 4: Prior to kickoff a sobering reminder of the inherent fragility of life itself. They held one of the many moments of silence being observed in stadiums all over Spain and the rest of Europe. It was last week that 22 year-old Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta collapsed on the field. He later walked off with considerable help only to suffer a deadly heart attack shortly thereafter. He'll be on the minds of soccer fans all season long.

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