The Beckham Effect, Part Deux

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Wondering how Major League Soccer plans to cash in on whatever increased popularity emanates from America's World Cup run? Probably not, because they've been teasing you with it for a while now. What better time than just before kick-off of what may end up being the Game of the Century ... So Far to readdress it, though.


On Thursday, the New York Red Bulls are expected to announce they've signed Thierry Henry. Henry (pronounced: over-the-hill) was unquestionably a playa with Arsenal (through '07). Today, he's known more as a cheat-a (his admitted handball helped knock Ireland from World Cup qualification) and a bench-a (didn't see much pitch time in the epic French production of The Bucknering of South Africa). All told, the Henrying of the MLS will likely resemble the bump the AAA Syracuse Chiefs got when Stephen Strasberg stopped by, if only Stephen Strasberg was a 32-year-old coming off rotator-cuff surgery that resulted from taking a swing at Don Zimmer.

Yes, the Frenchman should find the Passaic River waterfront as aesthetically pleasing as that pit they call Barcelona. Expected press-conference quote: "Moi didn't want to play with Lionel Messi and David Villa anyway."

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