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The Behavior In The WAC Is Very Disappointing

WAC commissioner Karl Benson (the Tiny Universe was unavailable for comment) is concerned about some of the behavior of his players and coaches during the WAC tournament. The Idaho Statesman runs down a list of poor WAC behavior, including Reggie Theus storming onto the floor and yelling at an opposing player, a Fresno State player getting tossed for an elbow, and Nevada's coach Mark Fox getting into it after a game with an official.

"We got stuck in the same hallway. I said something to the official that I regret," Fox said. "I apologized to him and the conference. I've got to realize when the game ends that it ends."


Oh, you were stuck in the same hallway? Was this a really small hallway, Coach Fox? Was it like being stuck in an elevator? Did you call for help? Because it says here that you "charged after" him. Maybe that's a lie, though ... maybe Fox and the ref were standing there, calmly discussing Danielle Steel's latest, when four walls spontaneously were built around them, trapping the both of them and they couldn't get out. Maybe that happened.

Reggie Theus is going to have to stop showing up to games slathered in oil. It just gets everyone all riled up.

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