The Carolina Panthers are 7-0. But here’s something to ponder: what if the undefeated NFC South team was actually ... 6-1?

Look, I tried to find the patient zero for this meme, and I can’t. Honestly, I think it’s better this way. Think of it as a less coherent version of “X > Tebow.” For the past day or so, on an event hosted by the team’s Facebook page, a group of internet gremlins have been pretending that the team has one loss, and some more serious Panthers fans are getting mad about the inaccuracy. If you think it’s extremely stupid, you’re absolutely right, but it’s inexplicably amusing.

Some examples:

Don’t believe them? Consult these images, which would never lie:

You really have to immerse yourself in the Facebook event page to get the full effect of the chaos. At least one fan is looking towards the future:

H/t to Jeff

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