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The Best Damn Sports Show Shuffles Off This Mortal Coil

Fox's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" will hold its last show tonight after 8 years of wacky on-air sports-related hi-jinx and absurd athlete-celebrity couch pairings. Watch Charissa Thompson and Chris Rose get weepy.

The folks at BDSSP were always supportive of Deadspin. They let Emeritus yammer on-air the night after "Costas Now" and one of their producers helped us cross the velvet rope that fateful night in Miami. So let's acknowledge their admirable eight years of service to the sports media rigmarole, mostly for having Tom Arnold, Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor in the same room for an extended period of time without any on-air relapses. Well, Taylor may have slipped one time. But congrats. I'm sure there's a "Best Damn Tragic Athletes Doing Mind-Blowing Plays During The Super Bowl Follies" show in TV heaven with your names on it.



Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Don't let him touch you.

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