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The Best JetBlue Flight Of All Time

We've watched our favorite teams play in some strange places. We once saw our Buzzsaw lose on the back of a boat off Lake Shelbyville while an old girlfriend vomited off the back. (We helped her out, once the outcome had been clearly decided.) But Illinois' breathtaking upset of Ohio State on Saturday was witnessed from the strangest possible place: We watched it on an airplane.

Fortunately, we were coming all the way from the Pacific Time Zone, so our JetBlue flight, coinciding perfectly with ESPN's coverage of Ohio State-Illinois, allowed us to watch the whole game while strapped into our seat, eating Terra Chips. Needless to say, it's difficult to witness your team pulling off its biggest win in decades in complete silence. You have no idea how hard it was not to scream, but we couldn't: We're pretty certain they would have thrown us off the plane. This is the wrong century to be yelling on airplanes.


As for the win itself, it reveals that Illinois is farther along than people (including us) have realized ... and Ohio State had zero business ever being a No. 1 team. But you knew this. We are just amazed that we have a frighteningly real chance at the Capital One Bowl against ... Florida! That should be awfully entertaining. We hope we can watch it in a place where we can make noise.

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