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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Insidious Hypotheticals: A Guide to Ignoring the NFL Today

Illustration for article titled Insidious Hypotheticals: A Guide to Ignoring the NFL Today

So, here's the question, and it's a good one:


And here's, well, here's an answer, from Jason Whitlock's recent piece:

I wrongly and naively thought that she was the aggressor in the attack, that Rice reflexively shoved her to fend her off and she slipped, fell and hit her head.


What have we learned? That some people assumed the event that ended with Ray Rice dragging Janay Palmer's unconscious body out of an elevator was complicated in a way that the first video couldn't communicate. And this is important because that's exactly what the NFL was hoping would happen.

Through the early stages of this debacle, the NFL sent the insidious message that they and their investigators and even the New Jersey authorities were privy to some set of information not available to the general public, and that this closely held information guided their decision making with respect to appropriate punishment. NFL reporters told us this information came from a second video from inside the elevator. NFL officials never made such a claim—they told us they'd talked to Ray and Janay and heard their version of the event, but, importantly, that version was never made public. Rice's lawyer, Michael Diamondstein, spoke at length about a "hypothetical" video showing Ray Rice being "repeatedly hit" before retaliating with too much force. The effect of all this talk of information not available to the public is an invitation for Americans to fill in the blank. And so that's what people did, as Whitlock demonstrates above. Many of us used the absence of information as an opportunity to insert, yes, provocation. That's what the NFL wanted.

With its recent suspension of Rice, the NFL has now confirmed this: Now that they've supposedly seen the video for the first time, they agree that what took place in the elevator is worthy of this new, harsher punishment. What they "thought" happened was worth only two games. So, in simple terms, the NFL believes that what took place in the elevator is roughly thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis bad, whereas something like what Diamondstein describes is only maybe this bad. Knocking a woman cold is bad in inverse proportion to how badly she is misbehaving at the time, apparently.

Here's where this gets really fucking sad: There was information available that clearly showed Ray Rice acting as the aggressor throughout. Rather than seeking that information and acting upon it, the NFL instead acted as if Janay was the aggressor, and then passively but carefully led the public to that same conclusion, relying upon a deeply cynical belief that, if they just withheld certain details, our ugly American pathology would do the rest. And why? Because a video of a star NFL player cold-cocking his fiancée in an elevator is bad PR.


The NFL believes a woman can provoke a man into beating her. And the NFL is sure you agree with them. And, whether the NFL is ever found to have seen the video before announcing Rice's punishment or not, we have learned that they're willing to lie and misdirect and defame the victim to make sure we all believe that, in this case, she did.

Watch something else, will you?

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TV Reruns

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7:30pm — WGN — E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

[starts crying just thinking about it]

8:00pm — Reelz — Bloodsport

Oh hell yes. This is just spectacular counterprogramming. It's the completely fabricated fantasy story of a cracker-ass American becoming a legendary kung fu fighter in an underground Hong Kong fighting tournament. This movie is quite possibly responsible for MMA. Awful, but in the way that sometimes awful things are wonderful.


8:00pm — Ovation — Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever-era John Travolta was just a ridiculously handsome and charismatic person, and this movie is still fun to watch.


Alright. There you have it. Clutch that 1-week NFL sobriety coin tight and tune in to something else. You can do it! I believe in you.

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