The Best Possible Reason To Buy An MLS Jersey

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I don't know if I can take another second of NFL Draft coverage. No matter what I look at now, a tree, a drunken hobo, a bag of cocaine, I see a scrolling "team needs" bar underneath it, and I hear Mel Kiper telling me about its ability to explode. So we leave you today with something, hopefully, kind of nice.

The DC United take the field tonight (I should probably clarify that they're an MLS team, and that MLS is a professional American soccer league) against the Columbus Crew in maroon Virginia Tech tribute jerseys. And on Monday, those jerseys will be auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.


So, if the mood strikes you, bid on one. Or at least pass this information on to someone who might. And watch the game, too, and root for the United because they obviously care about the tragedy more than the soulless sons of bitches in Columbus. If this goes well, it'll raise more for the fund than the $10,000 donated by Michael Vick, a sum he could take in on an average weekend of gate receipts for backyard dog-fighting contests.

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