LeBron blows our minds with a pregame dunk, a high schooler makes the best recruiting mixtape ever, a college outfielder defies the laws of physics, a news anchor doesn't recognize Mo Farah, and a first-time ski jumper has some issues. Here are the best videos of the week.

LeBron James's Pregame Warmup Dunk Was Better Than Anything In The Dunk Contest

Why must you tease, LeBron? Watch »


How To Make A Highlight Reel Without Any Highlights: Tips From The Creator Of The Best Recruiting Mixtape Ever

This is the Rich Tran experience. Watch »


College Outfielder Makes Mind-Bending Diving Catch

You're going to have to watch this a few times. Watch »


Local News Anchor Has No Idea Who Mo Farah Is, Asks Him If He's Ever Run Before

Yeah, he's run before. Watch »


First-Time Ski Jumper Flies Right Out Of His Skis, Falls Off The Face Of The Earth

Even the person recording the actual video below had trouble stifling a giggle. Watch »