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The Biggest Games Of The Year ... On F/X?

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Barring rainouts, tonight is the one night of the baseball postseason that features two games going on simultaneously. Depending on where you are, you'll be watching one series on FOX and the other on F/X. So if you're a Tigers fan living in New York City, for example, you either need to find your F/X on channel 1023, or get thee to a sympathetic sports bar.

This is easier said than done. Two years ago, the Cardinals and Astros played in the best baseball postseason we have ever seen. (It's unreal how outstanding that series was.) Unfortunately, we lived in New York City, and there happened to be an ALCS that was drawing a bit of attention in the city. And we also didn't have cable. So we spent most of that week begging sports bars to give us one tiny television in the corner while everyone else in the place was losing their minds over Dave Roberts.


The arranagement is certainly strange: We think the average sports fan — and even the average advertiser, frankly — would rather be able to direct their full attention to one game, even if it's at 4:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday than have to do deal with two of the most important games of the season running against each other. Particularly with one of them on the Nip/Tuck station.

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