The biggest problem facing Jets rookie Zach Wilson right now is… his mom

What’s worse than playing for the Jets? Having to unfollow your mom on social media.
What’s worse than playing for the Jets? Having to unfollow your mom on social media.
Illustration: AP/Screenshot IG

Move over LaVar Ball, there’s a new MPP “most problematic parent” in sports, and her son hasn’t even taken a snap in the NFL yet.


Lisa Wilson, mother of New York Jets’ second overall pick Zach Wilson, has gained 13,000 followers on Instagram since being shown on camera at the NFL Draft. Why? Because she’s pretty damn good looking. However, the story has changed regarding the Jets QB’s mom. She’s no longer a “hot mom,” she’s a “crazy mom.”

Since her son was selected to be the next savior of the New York Jets, Wilson’s mom has made several questionable posts on her Instagram story. Some of her posts include: Referring to Disney as a bunch of “maskholes” who are “always up in our business” about being masked and calling girls who use Snapchat “whores”. Lisa Wilson drew a lot of well-deserved criticism for these posts, so much so that her own son unfollowed her on Instagram.

After the draft, Zach Wilson appeared on WFAN Radio in New York. The host, Craig Carton, asked Wilson a question regarding all the attention his mom drew during Day 1.

‘His mom is really hot’

Said Carton, “I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the NFL Draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot.”

Wilson responded, “Yeah, it’s not my favorite for sure. I like to keep her out of the spotlight.”

I didn’t pay much attention to that last bit at first, but given Mrs. Wilson’s recent social media rants, maybe Wilson was trying to draw attention away from his mother because he knew that her antics could get him into trouble with his teammates and fans.


All in all, Zach Wilson’s mother is obviously drawing a bunch of unwanted attention toward her son before he’s even taken the field as a pro quarterback. It’s reminiscent of Eli Apple’s situation with his mother. Back in 2016, Annie Apple used her son’s name and fame after being drafted to generate buzz for her own social media and blog, as well as acquire a job at ESPN. She went on to become very vocal about her displeasure with how the New York Giants used her son and even accused the organization of trying to turn her son against her. Ultimately, Eli Apple has had a fine career – albeit somewhat disappointing for a former 10th-overall pick. However, his career accomplishments have always had a shadow looming over them in the shape of his mother and her attempts to take the spotlight for herself.

In wake of the backlash she has received, Mrs. Wilson has since made her Instagram page private — a rather smart decision for someone with so many ludicrous points of view. Zach Wilson has the potential to become one of the biggest stars in one of the biggest leagues in one of the biggest cities. However, if his mother becomes the social media tyrant that we’ve seen so many professional athlete’s parents become over the years, he could wind up having to defend his mother to the New York media more often than his play.