The Blues Sure Said "Fuck" A Lot After Winning The Stanley Cup

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That’s the reaction I had when I picked up the Stanley Cup. It’s an incredibly cool sports trophy, by far the best in sports. If I were an actual hockey player who’d won it instead of just a doofus whose high school friend is the Penguins’ director of hockey operations, I might curse even louder and longer.

That’s what happened last night, when the St. Louis Blues beat the Boston Bruins to win the Cup. The ceremony included 11 “fucks” live on NBC. Mike Emrick later apologized. But, whatever, it was funny! We made a little clip to commemorate the fucking moment.

Things were even more “fuck”-heavy in Canada, where Ryan O’Reilly dropped one during an interview. But things are different up there, too: Announcer Scott Oake said it was okay, because in hockey they say “fuck” a lot. What a sport.