So let this blog stand as tribute to their increasing chemistry this season. The alley-oops rule:

MurrayJokic 1

There’s usually a grunt involved:

MurrayJokic 6

And they’ve even better when hidden in the guise of a jumper:

MurrayJokic 10

Inch-perfect bounce passes are good, too:

MurrayJokic 2

Because Jokic has little trouble sending his sweet nothings through traffic:

MurrayJokic 11

And if you find yourself stuck in mid-air with nowhere to go and no ideas, there’s no better pal to bail you out:

MurrayJokic 4

Murray can be devious with his weight-shifting feints when diving to the rim, beating his man cleanly and making life easier for Jokic:

MurrayJokic 5

And especially satisfying are those cases where Jokic just exploits his height to loft one over both defenders’ heads and right into the pocket:

MurrayJokic 7

Congrats to the happy couple.