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The Boston Celtics Dynasty Has Collapsed

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Everybody panic! The once dominant Celtic steam engine has gone completely off the rails and it's unclear if they'll be able to save their season after losing to... oh my... the New York Knicks?


After heading into their Christmas Day tilt against the Los Angeles Lakers on a 19-game winning streak, Boston has since lost four of their last six and their lead in the Atlantic Division has been sliced to a microscopic 12.5 games. Things are so desperate right now, the team is even considering adding retired point guard and celebrated clubhouse cancer Stephon Marbury to the roster. I'm sure that will help immensely.

Fortunately for them, the equally struggling Cleveland Cavaliers have been unable to take advantage of their Eastern rival's untimely demise. They lost to the Freakin' Wizards last night after officials chose to enforce an obscure league rule known as "travel-ing" to deny LeBron James his natural birthright. Like the ban on the "slam dunk," this bizarre regulation was once used to keep more athletic players from gaining an unfair advantage, but was abandoned 25 years ago when in-court trampolines were also outlawed.


In other news, the Knicks are still six games under .500, but only 1.5 out of the final playoff spot leaving sports writers everywhere in a lurch, as they try to determine if the team can still be used as the go-to punchline in an ongoing national joke.

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