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The Brewers Are Selling Awful Novelty Shirts

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It's hard to put into words the feelings this Carlos Gomez collage stirs. Mostly, I feel shame, embarrassment, and a little anger. And sadness. Shame, embarrassment, anger, and sadness. We can probably include confusion, too. Shame, embarrassment, anger, sadness, and confusion. I feel these things for Carlos Gomez. Except the anger; the anger is reserved for the Brewers, for doing this to Carlos.

The front of this tee is "dirty" because Gomez plays hard, making great catches and sliding into the plate. The back is Go Go catching a fly ball as a tribute to his Gold Glove award from 2013.


Carlos is doing a helluva job modeling a shirt that is supposed to look like it is dirty with warning track clay. Unfortunately, it looks like he ran tits-first into a pizza. Or, alternately, it looks like Carlos Gomez is a slob, or a child that can't properly move food from plate to mouth.

You've got to admire him, though. He does a great job of hiding all those feelings we are all feeling for him. He looks so affable. So proud. So covered in grease in his entirely white outfit.


Milwaukee is selling other player-themed shirts, but Gomez's is the worst, by a mile. Good news, though: the shirts are only available at Miller Park and only in men's sizes XS-XXL.

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