The Brief Local Nightmare Of A City Whose Mayor Is Kevin Johnson Is Over For Now

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Emma, your esteemed video editor, remarked earlier today, as the Deadspin team was on its way back from the Glenn Ligon exhibition at the Whitney, that we just had seen a strange relic.

What, we asked. "A man in a Sacramento Kings velour jacket."

Not so fast, the Los Angeles Times reports. Hang on to that jacket. Looks like the Kings are staying in Sacramento, at least for next year.


Writes the LAT:

Whether the team, which was about to seek permission to move to Honda Center in Anaheim, stays in Sacramento beyond next season remains to be decided.

That will depend on city and county officials and local businesses redeeming the pledges made by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson before the NBA's relocation committee last week in New York, including support for a new downtown arena.
The NBA officials agree that if the Kings live up to all of their pledges, the team is expected to stay in Sacramento long-term.


Rejoice, DeMarcus and Tyreke! Long live the Sacramento Kings!

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