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The Bro-iest Christmas Wish List Ever Written

Color us shocked—we had no idea that grown-ups A) made wish lists and B) spent hours putting them together. But when we posted a 21-year-old woman's incredibly detailed list yesterday, the feedback was equally split between those who thought she was a spoiled adult baby, and those who didn't see what the big deal was.


Which doesn't mean we're going to stop posting these. Today's comes from the Palm Beach-based CEO of a national realty company, though we're told it was written "a couple of years ago" when he was still in college. It contains items seemingly chosen to fulfill every bro stereotype—Entourage, polo shirts, Cohibas, a flask—and it was sent to his parents. Lest you think it's too perfect to be genuine, the person who forwards it along says "the only thing more obnoxious than the list is his personality."

Be sure to keep sending us your loved (and tolerated) ones' wish lists. Anonymity guaranteed.

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