The Broncos' Arrangement With Gary Kubiak Has Deteriorated Quickly

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Two days after Gary Kubiak was tabbed as the next offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, Gary Kubiak will not be the next offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.

Kubiak served as the Broncos’ head coach for two seasons before retiring in 2017 due to health concerns. He stayed with the team in an advisory role until this offseason, when he decided he was ready to coach again as a coordinator. The Broncos hired Bears defensive guru Vic Fangio as head coach and promoted Kubiak to offensive coordinator. Even though team GM John Elway reportedly wanted to reserve the OC position for a younger coach, he spun the setup as beneficial because it gave the Broncos “two head coaches.”


However, it turns out that reported philosophical differences will prevent Kubiak from ascending to OC. Fangio spoke about his respect for Kubiak at his introductory presser yesterday, but several key assistant coach positions were yet to be filled. Apparently the filling of said jobs was tempestuous.


Mike Klis of 9 News reports that Kubiak wanted to bring back a pair of previously fired Broncos assistants, but the team wasn’t on board. Kubiak’s 31-year-old son Klint was also in the running to be quarterbacks coach.

Even though Kubiak had the new job yanked away from him, he’s reportedly still under contract on the Broncos’ personnel side. It’s almost like John Elway is the least organized GM in the NFL.