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The Broncos' Running Backs Played Rock-Paper-Scissors For A Touchdown

Denver's tailback Cerberus seemingly exists only to screw fantasy teams. It can seem like carries are decided by a game of chance. But that'd be ludicrous, right?

An anecdote from USA Today's column on the Broncos' blowout of Oakland:

As the officials deliberated if Hillman had crossed the goal line after a 13-yard gain, Hillman, Moreno and Ball decided to play rock-paper-scissors for which running back would get the goal line carry if the score was overturned. Hillman said Moreno threw down a rock one beat too early and was disqualified, and Hillman's scissors trumped Ball's paper.

So on the next play, it was Hillman's touchdown.

Can this be real? Don't the Broncos have, like, coaches who decide which personnel go in for a given play? Maybe things are different late in a laugher. Or maybe Hillman's just having fun with reporters. He shared the same story with—though in this telling, he threw rock while Ball and Moreno threw scissors.


So did this game of rock-paper-scissors actually happen, or does Hillman know that both Moreno and Ball are started in more fantasy leagues, and he's pointing out the existential and causal dilemmas inherent in trying to predict the behavior of a complex dynamical system?

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