Yankees fans, at this point, are ready to take everyone involved in this increasing disaster of a season, stack them in the middle of the stadium and set them all on fire.

Reliever Scott Proctor, one of the main offenders, has the exact same idea. He burned all his equipment โ€” save his uniform โ€” after the Yankees' loss on Saturday.

"I did it before in Triple-A when things were going bad, just to change it up," Proctor said after the impromptu barbecue. "Nothing to it. I feel great right now. If I throw up about eight zeroes in a row right now, it'll make me feel even better."

It didn't help yesterday, and we can't say we like the odds down the line either. The good news, though? Kyle Farnsworth always likes it when something's on fire, along with shiny objects and things that jiggle.

Scott Proctor Is On Fire, But Not In A Good Way [Just Call Me Juice]