The Butt From The Buttfumble Retires From The NFL

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The buttfumble will always belong to Mark Sanchez. But Sanchez couldn't have done it without Brandon Moore's butt. Today, Brandon Moore and his butt retired after 10 NFL seasons, all with the Jets. It's the end for an end of an era.

Moore, a right guard, had started every regular-season game since 2005, but the Jets didn't re-sign him when his latest deal expired after last season. He had reached an agreement with the Cowboys last night, but he couldn't bring himself to make the trip and leave his family. As he spoke with reporters today, Moore was asked about the buttfumble, saying he doesn't think it should represent his career: "It's amusing to me that people think it's so amusing," he said. So long, butt from the buttfumble.