The Caliparis Continue To Use Social Networking Tools To Bash Pat Forde

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Her father's former program is under NCAA investigation, but Erin Calipari knows who to blame and how to do it: call out ESPN's Pat Forde on Facebook.

Just like the rest of Kentucky's fan base and her father — who called out "this Pat Ford guy" in a tweet last month — Erin Calipari has taken umbrage with Forde's reporting on Kentucky's basketball program. The Kentucky resident has rained on the Calipari-to-Kentucky parade since the opening press conference, presciently warning of past transgressions and shady alliances, but his criticisms have been consistently dismissed by the Wildcat commentariat because he co-wrote a book with Rick Pitino and, consequently, must just hate the Widcats.


So in the last two days, Erin Calipari has been on the offensive, dissing Forde through Facebook for more than 3,000 of her closest friends. A collection of status updates (Photoshopped for consolidation), sent in from astute readers:


Perhaps she should heed the advice her father gave her other sister after she scooped the news that Josh Pastner would be Memphis' new head coach: "I told them that they have to get off Facebook. This stuff is crazy."


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