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The Cavs' Super Secret Club (No Girls Allowed!)

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Free Darko has a find that's making us giggle like an idiot: Apparently, Cleveland Cavaliers stars LeBron James, Larry Hughes and Damon Jones (known around here as "two-and-a-half men") have come up with a "secret handshake that involves two low-fives, then a wave, then posing with their arms crossed in a b-boy stance." Best part: They're — or more specifically, Jones — calling their little triumvirate "F.F.B.T.," and they — again, Jones — say it's a "secret club" with a "secret name" that they won't reveal.

That got the kids at Free Darko — an outstanding site, by the way — up and rolling:

That Damon Jones sure knows how to ingratiate himself with NBA superstars, doesn't he? Do you think he even tried to pull that sort of shit in Milwaukee, or did he just decide there weren't any stars big enough to suck up to?


We love this idea. We're going to start thinking of Damon Jones as the Gareth Keenan of the NBA. Damon Jones: Assistant TO the regional manager.

Acronyms, Albanian Gangs, Africanizing Mormons, and More! [Free Darko]

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