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The Celtics And Wizards Still Can't Stand Each Other

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The last time the Celtics and Wizards met, John Wall got tossed for neck-slamming Marcus Smart. He said he regretted nothing.


Tonight, the two teams met again and confirmed that, yep, we got beef. Isaiah Thomas went off and scored 20 points in the fourth quarter as the Celtics won. The game was feisty as hell and featured three legit technical fouls. Bradley Beal picked one up for spending the game more or less fighting with Marcus Smart, and he didn’t stop when the game did. 

After things ended, Wall and Jae Crowder got into what passes for a fight in today’s NBA, after Crowder touched Wall’s nose. 

Beal used the scuffle to continue messing with Smart.


Like I said, beef! There’s an outside chance that the Celtics and Wizards meet in the playoffs, which would make for a truly wild, contentious series.

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