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The Celtics Are No Longer Unstoppable

Forgive us, but we wouldn't help but take a tiny, mostly unjustifiable iota of joy from the Celtics' first loss last night to Orlando. We enjoy watching the Celtics play, don't get us wrong, but seriously: It was nice to see a Boston team finally lose a game.

Seriously: Yesterday, it had been exactly a month and two days since one of the three major Boston-area sports teams had lost a game. (The Red Sox lost to the Indians on October 16.) We now know they are vulnerable; in the words of one of our great leaders (apparently), if it bleeds, we can kill it.


It also might be time to slow down, again, on those comparisons to the 1995-96 Bulls. The Celtics are just barely on the Bulls' pace right now, and no one has had a chance to get hurt, slow down or, you know, take a game or two off. In fact, they're in a virtual tie with both New Orleans and Orlando for the best record in the NBA. Where are the Hornets' and the Magic's Bulls Trackers?

Do You Believe iIn Magic? [Celtics Blog]

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