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The Chicago Snow Dong Seemingly Inspired A National Art Contest

It didn't take very long after the Chicago snow-dong-on-car was posted for several like-minded nature sculptors to send visual evidence of competing artwork. They came from the east. They came from the southwest. And they came from the midwest.


Here are a couple excerpts from the reviews:

Matthew J.C.: My friend Brenden spent a good deal of time crafting this front yard phallus on a mutual friend's front yard while he was at his mother's birthday party. I went over to help him riddle the lawn with similar structures of varying size but our friend had returned from the party before we got the chance to defile his lawn any further. I'm in the picture and 5'11" so the dong is over 6'. The detail on the balls is to be "admired": ashey and twigs for pubes.

Kyle: [The Chicago dong] inspired me to send you a photo of this beast. We found it close to the University of Kansas' campus. The thing is literally 8 feet tall.

Jordan: Hey I saw the poor attempt at the snow genitalia and figured I would show you how it is truly done. This comes from the creative minds of a couple college students down in Texas. We don't get snow very often; but when we do we make the most out of it as you can see by our beautiful artwork. Maturity is great isn't it?


If you happen to have a snow dong sitting on your front lawn, in your neighborhood, or buried in the deepest recesses of your mind, email 'em.

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