The Cleveland Cavaliers Really, Really Do Not Want To Be Associated With Rush Limbaugh Anymore

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Sponsors have been fleeing Rush Limbaugh's radio program after last week's incident in which he called a birth control advocate a "slut" and a "prostitute."


Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert announced on Twitter Friday his Quicken Loans company—which also has naming rights on the Cavs' arena—would be pulling its ads from Limbaugh's show immediately. It gets more interesting, though, when you consider the Cavs' flagship radio station is WTAM 1100—which is Cleveland's Home For Rush Limbaugh.

According to this article on WTAM's website, the Cavaliers are suspending all advertising (there's some more details here):

The Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to suspend any and all on-air advertising with the Rush Limbaugh radio program, citing "inflammatory comments" coupled with valuable feedback from both clients and team employees.


Apparently this means that on its own flagship station the Cavs don't want to be mentioned for three hours, though it's not quite clear how this will work out—but we'll try and get more information on this in the morning.